PROSPECTUS works for companies of medium and large size, both from the public and private sector and also for multilateral organisms.

We provide our customers long experience, outstanding skills and abilities as well as our contact and strategic partnerships networks for the design, implementation and evaluation or upgrading of their business.

In the case of the public sector this may imply working on policies, instruments and strategies of intervention and of promotion, and in the case of the private actors in their business investment and financing options.

PROSPECTUS is specially focused in supporting strategic and financial investors from the East coast of the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Our support is based in the search, implementation, financing and management of their growth plans – both organic and strategic – and in their internationalization processes toward Latin America, both through new investment projects, acquisition, merger, and strategic partnership (“Greenfield”) as in the expansion of existing capacity (“Brownfield”) in that region.

Increasingly we are assisting investors and enterprises from Latin America in their processes of direct investment in Europe and the Middle East.

Because of our long history in the design, development, implementation and financing of projects and specialized investment vehicles, at present, PROSPECTUS is building and running its own portfolio of investment projects involving associative and cooperation efforts with financial investors (private and institutional) and with strategic partners in Europe, in key areas of interest such as financial services, renewable energy, health, education and the sustainable and inclusive natural resources management.